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  • ???è?£?¢??¢??ˉ?23: The station is the first to dry up Longsheng QA661, PS Audio Nuwave & Chord Qute EX

    Recently, I tossed some things and accumulated a lot of things I didn't write. I slowly fill the pits. This time we will introduce the QS661, PS Nuwave decoders and Qute EX, a generation of iron boxes in the music.

    Here's no nonsense, start singing. According to the order of the pictures from less to more.

    1.Chord Qute EX

    Chord is a very interesting company. His family's products are relatively small and the lights are very special. I have sunk through many of his home products, including hugo, mojo, and 2Qute.

    I'm still very positive about his family. This is basically the third brand behind HiFiman and Sennami that has a big influence on my taste.

    The previous round of tossing was exhausted. He took all the decoding and amps and was ready to take the miniaturization route. At that time, the plan was Qute EX+valhalla2, so there was this Qute EX. The Qute EX is the previous generation of 2Qute, an upgraded version of Chord HD, using the same FPGA architecture as Hugo. This item was once sold as a 1W2 item, but now the price has dropped a lot. I collected it at 4,700. The 2Qute was also affected by the Brexit. Before that, I would be brand new but also 1W+. Now it has dropped to 8000. Second-hand is all the way down to 6500. Fortunately, I took it early and sold it when the UK's impact on Brexit was not significant. There was not much loss.

    In terms of appearance, EX and 2Q are not much different from each other. There is no 2Qute on the front. The whole is exactly the same. Individuals like silver and feel better.

    The rear layout is the same as 2Qute, but one input source switching button is missing. Personally think that this design is also more convenient, find a place to lose, 2Q have to switch input every time, some trouble.

    The volume returned by the chord placard is still very small, almost the same size as the D100 and thicker.

    The quality of this thing is not too thin. Because the architecture is similar to Hugo and 2Q, the difference in sound is not particularly large. In general, the sound of EX lies between Hugo and 2Q. The overall sound quality is slightly better than Hugo, slightly inferior to 2Q, and it is a typical chord tuning. It tends to be slightly high-midrange, high-frequency harmonics, and low-frequency Q. Bomb, taste is not strong, smooth music.

    2.PS Audio Nuwave

    PS Audio before nuwave fire up, in fact, in the majority of Shaoyou actually higher recognition is his home's plug and power, before decoding is not famous. Later, the alpaca excavated this decoding, and many netizens bought it with a good word of mouth and built word of mouth on word of mouth. Once the new goods have to be the price of nearly 8K, second-hand 6k5 feel fairly cheap, now the new 5k5 is about, and second-hand is dropped to about 4k. When talking about the decoding of three or five thousand price points, if you want to find a good quality, it seems that there is no good choice other than nuwave.

    This machine was received from the same group of friends. Actually, this station was received before Qute EX. I was out of 4040 then. I didn't decode it. I took nuwave to make the transition. Because of this machine I have heard. There is a spectrum of taste and heart. After that, Qute EX came out.

    Nuwave's shape is very unique, it is not the same as the width and width of the general machine, is a long bar, with the same long strip of NFB6 can be described as a good friend, formed the legendary alpaca sets. Personally feel that Nuwave is also very good with IHA6 and will perform better than NFB6.

    At the top of the machine is an acrylic plate that is not resistant to scratches and can easily leave scratches. There are no decorations or buttons on either side.

    On the left side of the front is the PS Audio logo. This logo will light up in blue and look good. There are two buttons on the right side, the above is the input source switch, there are optical fiber, RCA coaxial and USB for selection, the following is the code rate, you can choose to force the frequency 192, or maintain the original code rate.

    From left to right, the back is the power switch, power jack, left channel analog output, digital input, right channel analog output. Nuwave's digital output supports USB, rca coaxial, fiber, output support RCA and XLR a group.

    Nuwave is best known for its huge cow inside. Although the decoder board is double-layered, it only occupies less than 1/3 of the area.

    This cow is really too big. Compare it with A15.

    Let's talk briefly about the sound. The sound of this machine is still very characteristic. It can be said that it is typical of "American sound". The sound field is open, dense and fast. Tri-band is relatively balanced, high-frequency appears to be lit, especially when using the built-in USB interface. The use of Athena or QA730U which can suppress a high-frequency interface slightly makes its high frequency appear more comfortable. The mid-frequency density is very good, and the vocal sound is a bit closer. Low-frequency solid elasticity is relatively rapid. Density and overall control are remarkable in similarly priced machines, and their performance is outstanding. It is very refreshing to play classical style.

    However, this machine is very light, slightly straightforward, if the sound is not good, the sound will look dry, and its interface performance is not satisfactory. Personally feel that adding an external interface is very necessary, but it is best not to mix The interface on the plate will be better. If the Lord listens to vocals, this machine is not a particularly good choice.

    Personally think that the same price is especially second-hand. If you listen to classics, this machine is the best choice. With IHA6, a balanced HD600 or T1 will be a very cool thing.

    3. Dry Longsheng QA661

    The dry dragon family's reputation has always been good, his family is more focused on the sound of the product, but in terms of appearance and manipulation, personally feel there is room for improvement, such as QA360. Before I sunk through his home QA730U, this digital interface is actually born out of the QA661's digital interface.

    I received this game mainly for convenience, because often sitting on the sofa listening to KK and speakers, sometimes with a PC, sometimes with the A15 as a turntable, listening to a disc to listen to a change when you want to go over, compare In trouble, I got the idea of a€?a€?buying a video game. Since I was very impressed with the 730U and I had friends in the group, I took one.

    The QA661 is a no-decoding digital broadcast introduced by Dry Longsheng and can only output digital signals. Digital broadcasting is a digital player. Most digital broadcastings have a decoding function. Just like a CD player, an amp or amplifier can be heard at the back. The difference with a CD player is that it usually uses a hard disk or SD card as a medium for broadcast. The medium of the CD player is a CD. The QA661, in fact, this kind of digital broadcast should be regarded as a digital dial, because it does not have the decoding function. Naturally, the corresponding digital turntable is a CD turntable, and the same CD turntable has no decoding function. There is no way to directly connect the amplifier or the amp, and it is necessary to connect the decoder to use it.

    Some friends may wonder, the decoder directly connected to the PC is not on the line, what is the use of that broadcast? In fact, the PC directly connected to the decoder, PC and the decoder's own USB interface to complete the completion of the work of the number of broadcast. What is the value of broadcasting?

    The main benefits of digital broadcasting are twofold:

    The first is convenient, you can start playing directly, not as troublesome as a PC, but also remote control. Especially when listening with a speaker, if you are far away from the PC, cutting a song to play a list or something has to go through, it is a bit troublesome. And if you use the remote control is more convenient, and if it is the sound of the aries series, there are special mobile phone APP can be remote control, more convenient.

    The second is the PC optimization problem. If PCs want to think of good things, they need various kinds of hardware and system optimization. They are very cumbersome, and they don't necessarily have good results. The system architecture of the broadcasting is pure, optimization is also better, and it is easier to make good noises. The key is that the users do not have to worry about anything. They just need to be connected.

    In fact, in the final analysis, the benefits of digital broadcasting are summarized as convenience.

    At the same time, in order to take care of PCHiFi, QA661 also has a built-in Xmos interface, which uses a different circuit with the broadcast part, which can be described as a buy-and-play interface. As for the role of the digital interface, I have briefly talked about my previous bills. I will not repeat them here. Interested ones can look through:

    The front said a bunch, the following also drying a sun QA661 itself.

    The appearance of the QA661 is relatively ordinary, square, is not a good-looking, not ugly, full metal shell work more solid, be regarded as inherited the dry Longsheng has always been the characteristics. The whole machine is very heavy and people feel that the materials are still very solid.

    The right side of the fuselage is an SD card slot. The QA661's storage media only supports SD cards and does not support U disk or hard disk playback. Personally, it is still slightly regrettable. After all, high-speed 128G cards are not considered cheap, and the USB3.0 U disk and mobile hard disk have already been the price of cabbage. In reading and writing speeds, USB3.0 is undoubtedly much faster than the SD card.

    There are 8 buttons on the front and you can operate without the remote control. I have to say that with such a large front panel, the screen is really too small. . . . .

    The back is divided into three areas.

    The upper left is the input area. There is a USB input, which corresponds to an independent Xmos interface. It can be useful when you want to connect a PC to use multimedia. There is also an RCA coaxial input interface on the right side of the usb input, which can provide additional access to a set of coaxial signals for the decoder, such as Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, and the like. In addition, the signal will be re-shaped by 661 and then output, so that the quality of the signal than 661 will be a certain increase.

    The lower left is the output area. There are AES, RCA coaxial and optical fiber outputs. The BNC is not a digital output but a clock synchronization port. However, the 661 only supports the master clock and does not support the slave mode.

    The silver on the right is the 661's remote control. It is very long, not compact enough, and there are many buttons, which make people feel a little at a loss, and the appearance is not so beautiful. Compared with the black Panasonic remote control on the left, it is almost a matter of fact. The logic of the buttons is not very clear, and the number of repeated function buttons is also too high. Individuals are advised to follow the logic of most people to re-engage a reliable remote control. ,

    The edge of the front metal panel is also not chamfered, slightly cutting. Dry Longsheng's sound is good, but there are always unsatisfactory details in the details of the product. Personally feel that it should improve the level of product technology.

    The remote control on the back of the 661 has no curves. Matsushita has a good ergonomics and the remote control is very comfortable.

    The main interface for playing. The song name is really too big. To tell the truth, you don't need to be so big. The interface is relatively simple and beautiful. However, you can set the auto-extinguish screen, you can automatically extinguish the screen after one or two seconds, but it is not seen as a net. . .

    The supported formats are rather rich, and common formats such as wav, flac, mp3, and ape are self-evident, and cue is also supported. Also, dsd64's DFF, DSF, and DSD-ISO all support it, as long as the decoder supports it.

    This is the file selection interface. When it comes to here I really want to spit Tucao.

    The first is this screen. The words broadcast were originally intended for convenience, but this screen is really too small, like Ding Ding, forgive my vision is not good, outside 3m is really not able to see clearly. Every time you cut the folder you have to go forward to read the word, it is miserable. Now that the screen is not expensive, can't you make the screen bigger? The front panel is so empty, I think the screen is high with the front side, and the right and left buttons have a reasonable size. Or, it wouldn't be nice to just put the screen on the player. . .

    The second is system logic. The dry Longsheng system has a very painful place, that is, it supports multi-level directories, but it does not show up according to the directory hierarchy you set, but directly expands all folders to a layer. . . That is, no matter if you set up several layers of folders, the result is that all the folders are in one layer. . . Fortunately, listening to popular, you can a singer a folder, I listen to classical more than 100 disk, more than 100 folders you let me how to break. . . I was struggling with the multi-level folders divided by the composer and type. You directly ignored me, and all went to one level. Then there were more than 100 folders and only one screen could display 5. . . Every time I want to hear Mozart's steel, I turn to cramps. . .

    So, this product is actually more suitable for desktop use. . . However, they are all on the desktop. Isn't the convenience of digital broadcasting gone? Isn't it better for me to use a digital interface? . .

    The color and size of the font can be changed.

    however. . . After this change, it becomes this virtue. . . Leaving 1m looked hard. . . And only these two options. . .

    Sound, QA661 is still no slot. The broadcasting mode is slightly better, the interface mode is slightly worse, and there is not much difference. Basically, the 1k5 price digital interface plus the level of line power is similar to that of the 730U plus ordinary line power. Taking into account the number of broadcast itself has played part, but also brought a good digital interface, in terms of second-hand 3k up and down the price is still not expensive, but from the side, it also reflects the 730U price more conscience. However, due to the painful operation of the egg and the less convenient small screen, individuals are more inclined to the QA730U+5V/9V dual output cable, while providing power to the USB and power interface, so you can get better sound quality, and the price is cheaper .

    In general, if you use the time closer to the machine, and do not like to open the computer, QA661 is still pretty good, the number of broadcast + interface 2 in one, and the quality is good, it is worth buying, and if the same vision with me is not good to use When you are far away, then 661 is not a good choice, APP remote control may be more suitable, the solution can refer to the next single, remote control: Aries mini, splashtop and daphile.

    Thanks for watching, this single end of the sun. The next time we announced the above, please look forward to it.

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