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  • The original innovator new home is always extravagant: Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D 5.1 speakers and Denon AVR-X4200W amplifier is not professional evaluation

    Mixed in the capital for ten years, finally bought its own nest in early 2016. It took more than half a year to renovate (yes, it was very slow while working on one side) and finally stayed in August.

    Individuals interested in music movies, electronic enthusiasts, have always wanted to have their own set of audio and video equipment, so it was hot and hit the iron, before buying this set of B&W 60D and Denon 4200.

    Reasons to purchase

    For a Libra, choosing is always the most painful thing

    With the idea of a€?a€?buying a set of stereos, it is quite troublesome to study diving in various major forums, and to consider the layout of the units. Moreover, even if you choose the Italian model, find the local audition is also very strenuous ...

    Challenger I - BOSE 535

    According to my family's apartment, 90 square meters of construction area, more than 70 flat use area, the living room is a total of more than 20 square meters, can be described as an inch of land, what the floor box bookshelf is basically not considered, and the rest is natural satellite boxes. What is the first idea of a€?a€?satellite speakers?

    Yes, the BOSE series (the figure above is the latest 600 series)!

    1. Lightweight, the volume of the patented Treasure Box is about the size of an easy-to-can can of cola, but it can give off a powerful energy voice

    2. Harmonious sound, because it is a set of audio and video systems, five speakers have a good consistency, perfect match with the subwoofer, comes with ADAPTiQ intelligent sound field tuning technology, you can analyze the space and automatically adjust the surround sound, Operation is very simple and efficient

    3. Convenient operation, multimedia center operation is simple, unlike the general power amplifier, there are several groups of menus dozens of choices, BOSE multimedia center is highly integrated, the menu is simple and easy to use

    4. Beautiful! The small cabinet will not destroy the existing decoration style, but also played a decorative role ~ This is in the satellite box, I think the second row, then no one dares row first...

    In general, both the online and offline commentaries agree that the BOSE series is superior in terms of movie presentation. Of course, it is the domain of satellites.

    Ever since, my first goal is BOSE.

    It took a few weeks and cheeky to listen to most of the stores in Beijing. Now it is a shortcoming (the 600 series was not yet listed, mainly for the BOSE 535)...

    The price is too! Expensive! The price of BOSE 535 store was about 3W, Taobao's various parallel imports are also basically 2W+ look. Consider the sea Amoy, and do not say postage tariff, even if the conversion is not much cheaper than Taobao In this price range, you can buy better than BOSE sound (of course, for ease of use, it will definitely be worse, but also consider the combination)

    In terms of sound, it is still not very satisfactory. The first time the store was still very shocking, because of the bass's sake, it was a sense of presence. But the second time after the third time to listen, you can find obvious defects. For example, the bass atmosphere Will weaken the sound details, although adjustable, but the overall feeling is still boring, bass thick but not enough dive, listening is not clear and clear. In terms of movies is okay, but music, the difference is not a little bit In terms of the performance of vocal instruments, there are obviously several models that will be mentioned below. However, the price difference is quite a lot.

    In terms of scalability, because it is a complete set of audio and video systems, and the speaker and media center wiring is not a universal speaker cable, it is impossible to replace the media center or speakers. In addition, highly integrated and small media The center, the expansion interface is also limited. Of course, there is no general power amplifier function, so the advantages are simple, the disadvantages are also very obvious.

    (You can say your own buying needs, comparison experience, and final choice reasons)

    Challenger II - Harman Kardon BDS880

    It happened to find a store in Beijing, so look and see.

    At the time, the BDS880 was auditioned. The film used was a Dolby Sound Panorama soundtrack.

    Overall, the atmosphere is not as good as BOSE, but it is more clear in the mid-high frequencies, so the overall feeling is also cold. Bass and BOSE can't be compared, diving is not enough, but expensive in the fast and clean. Panorama sound, The sound of thunder and lightning does not have much sense of presence, because it feels less than the feeling of thunder and thunder. The film is not BOSE good. In terms of music, vocal instruments are acceptable, female voice is a bit heavy...Because Cold is not my favorite type.

    The appearance is not difficult to see, acceptable.

    The price is not particularly good, the store also has to look like 2W ... but go back to a search Taobao ... how there are 1W ... it seems that parallel imports are very different ah ...

    Oh, forget to say, this amp is not required to be purchased separately. Of course, you can also just buy speakers...

    Challenger III - Focal/Focal Dome Pack 5.1

    I went to a store that was supposed to look at JBL. Inside Dazhong Electronics, I didn't expect to see JBL but saw Jinlang...

    This 5.1 sound gave me a deep feeling. At that time, I had two demonstrations, Transformers and The Book of Eli. In particular, the book of Eli had a deep impression. The explosion of the gunshots, the bullet's trajectory, vocal Doping, etc., are in place. Everyone has seen Transformers, the sound of fighting is very complicated, but the sound level of this speaker is very good (may be thanks to the amplifier ...), there is explosive, bass energy, but the high frequency Frequency does not lag behind.

    The price is also good, (without amplifier) a€?a€?about 1.5W

    But why didn't I finally buy it? Please see below

    This is too ugly...

    Even artistic photos are still ugly!

    Appearance Gallery

    Alas, finally speaking of this protagonist, Bowers & Wilkins MT-60D

    We have found Beijing Ultrasonic Acoustics Monopoly, there is a M-1 audition, but unfortunately can not audition PV1D... because this goods buy less and less...

    Basically only listened to Tsai Chin's mother's song, after all, mainly to see vocals and high frequency and the like

    The voice is warm and Yun Yun is very good. Yan value is also high and I like it very much.

    But the problem is that PV1D didn't listen to it... There was no sunscreen on the internet, but it seemed to buy very little.

    After seeing a decision, he didn't hesitate. Presumably B&W would not be too bad.

    Oh yeah, in fact, the clerk in the store isn't recommending the subwoofer PV1D too much. However, the quality value is high but the quality is not much different from that of the 608/610. The price is almost half, so you can consider replacing the subwoofer. However, I ended up also No change

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